Plaid Cloth CNC Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-12-11
The projection of the AOL software is used toproject the vector graphics on the projection of the vector graphics to thecutting device, and the material alignment and cutting. 

AOL plaid cloth cnc cutter could meet the requirementt for common cutting accuracy. It employs import synchronous belt for power driving, and work under high speed, convenient use, compatible with any CAD software. It is greatly welcomed by customers and widely applied for garment pattern cutting or plotting.
plaid cloth
Features of plaid cloth cnc cutter:
High requirement and constant emphasis on R&D leads to excellent and high accuracy. Our elaborate cutting machine reaches 0.1mm cutting tolerance.
2.Smooth & clean cutting edge
 Even applied to very complex lines, irregular lins and other challenging requirement, our cutting machine can fulfill it well and the similar performance can hardly be done by laser cutting machine, die cutter or manual workers.
The cutting machine is able to cut complex patterns with high precision and repeating precision. 

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