Pattern Cutting Machine Price
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-18
There are two main variables to understand with laser cutting: power and speed. Power is how much of the laser's output is used, usually indicated as a percentage. Speed is how fast the cutting head moves as it is working. If you have high power and slow speed, the laser will cut deeply into a material or go right through it. If you're using materials that are more likely to burst into flame or if you want to just etch onto the surface, you would use lower power.

Fortunately, you don't have to work this stuff out yourself. The AOL pattern cutting machine's software comes with a large number of presets for different materials, including acrylics (such as Perspex or Lexan), various types of wood, leather and even aluminum. Once your image and material is loaded into the cutter, you can just hit the button, and it will use the appropriate settings for laser power and speed. You'll still need to experiment, but these presets provide a good starting point.

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