Advantages Of AOL Pattern Cutter For Leather
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-21
Our high-speed, modular pattern cutter for leather features automated hide scanning, perimeter identification and flaw recognition. It offers the most advanced cutting and nesting technology available today for improving cutting yield and overall productivity.
For customers with pattern cutting requirements, the AOL pattern cutter for leather can produce multiple sets cut to your specifications on schedule and at defined costs.
AOL pattern cutter for leather
AOL pattern cutter for leather has advantages:
1. Handling time / Inventory management / Production scheduling
2. Maximum Yield
3. Reduces Waste / Overage / Scrap
4. Significant savings on shipping costs
5. Minimizes risk of shipping damage
6. Receiving and Storage Savings
7. Maximizes Quality Control
8. Inspection & Pattern Conformity Ensured

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