Light Box Digital Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2020-01-08
Light box digital cutter is AOL new generation cutting system for the industry such as carton packaging, printing, signage&graphics, display&stands, etc. It is equipped with versatile tools like: High frequency oscillating knife, creasing tool, V cutting tool, foam cutting tool, drawing tool, drag knife. And it is capable with a variety of materials cutting such as corrugated board, card board, grey board, honeycomb board, K board, PP foam board, PE foam, EVA foam, plastic sheet, and other printed sheet.

If you are looking for a bright new way to showcase your brand, AOL light box digital cutter make a great impression.

Light box

Advantages of light box digital cutter:
1) European & American design style: European & American industrial equipment design concept, under the premise of ensuring the equipment performance, keep the appearance of the body high-end, elegant, fashionable and scientific;

2) Integrated welding frame: welded structure, more stable and rigid, not easy to deform during moving;

3) Rapid exchange tooling: The universal tool holder can be combined with the tool arbitrarily to realize the quick and convenient tool replacement with different materials.

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