Kt Board Cutting Solutions
PUBLISHED : 2020-01-11
Advertising Industry Cutting Solutions — KT Board Cutting Machine
The AOL high-precision kt board cutting machine can automatically complete high-speed, high-precision, full-cut, half-cut, engraving, punching, crease, marking and other processes. At the same time, it is equipped with or equipped with an automatic unwinding and rewinding system to quickly complete the cutting Clear material, suitable for proofing and automated production in advertising signs, printing and packaging industries, is a true all-round champion in material cutting.
Kt Board
Traditional cutting has high requirements on the workers' technical experience and the number of labors, and labor shortage has always been a common problem of advertising production companies. Intelligent cutting-AOL cutting machine completely solves these problems! AOL cutting machine accelerates the transformation and upgrading of domestic and foreign advertising manufacturing customers!

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