Knife Cutting Machine For Aramid Fabrics
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-09
As new applications for composites have emerged, AOL has worked in tandem with industry engineers to develop and enhance our cutting products, capabilities and technical support. AOL offers the widest variety of composites cutting solutions, both manually-operated and automatic cutting systems for materials like glass fiber, aramid and carbon fiber in both dry and pre-preg form. These materials are commonly used in aerospace & defense, wind energy, automotive, sporting goods, civil engineering, pipe & tank, electronics & electricals, marine, and other advanced material applications.
Blade and knife cutting techniques offer a very wide variety of applications and therefore a large number of materials can be cut with these technologies. Materials can be in the form of a plate or roll.

Manufacturer of manually operated and automated (CNC) cutting systems engineered for cutting composites; the product offering also includes material-handling equipment, software packages and a range of accessories to streamline the operational flow from parts design through finished cut component.