Honeycomb Cardboard Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-12-25
The honeycomb paperboard, compared to the corrugated cardboard, has the features of lighter weight, the stronger flexural and folding strength. Honeycomb paperboard is in the same thickness and size with the corrugated board, its weight is only about 70% of the corrugated board, and the plane pressure is about twice as large than corrugated cardboard. Of course, it costs higher than corrugated cardboard.

Honeycomb cardboard cutting equipment is AOL newly developed carton box sample making system with performance greatly improved compared with the original design.Honeycomb cardboard cutting equipment is used to make a V notching/ cutting on honeycomb paperboard. So the honeycomb paperboard can be folded into 90 degrees. It’s widely used in honeycomb cartons or boxes making industry.
Honeycomb cardboard
It not only offers better processing speed, higher processing precision, and more convenient operation, but also gorgeous appearance. Materials like corrugated board, chipboard, foam board, plastic board, thin wood board, leather, cloth, etc, can be cut by our cutter.

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