Features of foam material cnc cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-08-28
Features of foam material cnc cutter:

The foam material cnc cutter is a foam board trimmer designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind.

The foam material cnc cutter has the capability of cutting media up to 22mm in thickness--this includes, but is not limited to, PVC foamboard, corrugated plastics, vinyl and plastic films and cardboard. This unit is superiorly engineered with full length silicon rubber strips strategically placed on the base of the cutter to prevent slippage, self adjusting hinges and blade depth adjustments to accommodate various thicknesses in media and a rear loading blade holder to provide for a safe and effective cut.

Cuts a wide range of sheet materials including Foam and Gator Boards.

Delivers precise straight, square and clean cutting.

Uses Standard Utility Knife blades.

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foam material cnc cutter