Foam cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-14
Since flexible foam systems are so versatile, they’re counted on in a variety of unique applications. From the beds you sleep on to the carpet you walk on to the transportation you ride on, there’s a high probability that flexible foam is in use.Such as Aircraft/Transportation Foam、Athletic Foam、Bedding Foam、Carpet Cushion、Furniture Foam、Marine Seating Foam、Medical Foam、Foam rollers。

Foam rollers are not new, and they were Physical Therapy tools for balance and other forms of rehabilitation before they became self-therapy tools. The commonly used in three foot cylindrical tools for self-therapy. They are commonly used to apply pressure on by lying on them with a combination of bodyweight and sliding motion to manipulate the forces. Polystyrene and molded foam are common materials, with the later material more dense and durable, but a little hard to areas that may have soreness or severe damage. The increase or decrease in diameter and composite of the foam rollers will increase or decrease the hardness. Athletes do this at different times of the training session; mainly during warm-up and warm-down periods to improve what people call “tissue quality”.