Flatbed Plotter Cutter Paper
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-04
A flatbed plotter cutter paper is a machine that uses a blade to accurately cut designs out of sheets of vinyl.

AOL flatbed plotter cutters paper are machines used for cutting vinyl and other materials into many designs, letters, fonts and, shapes.
Vinyl sticker
Cutting process of flatbed plotter cutter paper:
The computer controls the blade movement on the flatbed plotter cutter paper thus, enhancing accuracy and ensuring proper movement.

These blades, in turn, cut out the designs, letters, and shapes from the vinyl material used in the process. These designs, like their source material, are adhesive in nature and can, therefore, be stuck on any surface you want.

The blade movement occurs along the X to Y-axis while cutting the designs because of the computer’s control over its movement.

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