Features of Cut Plotter Table
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-28
The cut plotter table that saves you work! This cut plotter table serves as a flatbed laminator that applies transfer tape and mounts prints. Save your manual labor and 80-85% on production time!

The cut plotter table is a sturdy versatile mounting table. The ergonomic roller unit is designed with no overhead beam for easier access, and features guided, low-friction linear bearings for smooth roll motion up and down the length of the table. It is designed to save up to 80 percent production time on mounting vinyl prints and applying transfer paper.
The cut plotter tables are mainly designed for cutting relatively thin flexible media like vinyl. Typical applications include vinyl lettering, as well as cutting out pre-printed stickers, decals and even some short-run labelling applications. They’re considerably cheaper than a cutting table and should easily pay for themselves in a relatively short time frame.

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