fabric strip cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-11
As an avid crafter who use material both for sewing projects as well as for craft, I know how time consuming cutting fabric for panels and shapes can be.
Attractive, safe, and portable. The AOL has no exposed gears to crush careless fingers. The adjustable tension screw permits cutting of any thickness of material. No clamping to a table or bench is necessary.
We also use our fabric strip cutting machines to cut and mate the hook and loop material together, further reducing customer labor costs. Our straight strip cutter machines also cut the loop portions of our hook and loop straps that we manufacture. These pieces are straight cut so we can weld the loop portion to the hook portion. For strap manufacturing, these straight cutting machines work in conjunction with our tip cutting machine. The tip cutting machine uses a die to cut a round tip (a half circle) or a bullet nose tip (a rounded triangular cut) on one end. These tip shapes are generally used to improve function and design.