Fabric And Paper Cutting Plotter
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-10
Industry knowledge of fabric and paper cutting plotter:
1. Primary color cotton cloth

A cotton fabric having a natural cotton fiber color which has not been subjected to bleaching, dyeing and processing, is called a primary color cotton cloth. It can be made into a city cloth, a coarse cloth and a fine cloth according to the coarse subdivision of the yarn branch. Their characteristics are: the cloth body is thick, the cloth surface is flat, durable and the shrinkage rate is large. Can be used as a single cloth, blank accessories or shirt clothing.

2. Poplin
Poplin is the main variety of cotton and has a silk style. Its texture is fine and lustrous, the cloth body is soft and smooth, and it is very comfortable and woven with plain weave. The structure of the poplin is characterized by: the warp density is about twice as high as the weft density, and the warp yarn is exposed more than the weft yarn, and the convex part forms obvious rhomboid particles on the cloth surface, and the quality of the yarn used is higher. Therefore, the cloth surface is clear, the particles are full, and the surface is clean and compact. However, poplin fabrics have a major drawback, that is, garments sewn with them are prone to longitudinal cracks.
It is because the poplin warp and weft density are too different, and the strength between the warp and weft yarns is unbalanced, resulting in a warp strength that is more than double the latitudinal strength.

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