Features of EVA Cut Plotter
PUBLISHED : 2019-10-17
AOL eva cut plotter is suitable for cutting self adhesive marine decking, car floor mat, non skid adhesive sheets, synthetic teak cabin sole,etc.The AOL eva cut plotter can also cut double-color plate, organic glass, acrylic, wood, paper, leather, fabric, rubber and other non-mental materials, suitable for advertisement signs and marks making, handicraft industry, wood and bamboo industry, printing industry, clothing and leather industry, garment industry, decorative industry, photo frame making etc.
1) Simple structure with welded square tube and steel group, beautiful appearance.
2) Automatic cutting in 3 directions, greatly improving production efficiency, ensure the accuracy of massive size of blocks.
3) The machine uses frequency stepless speed regulation, easy to adjust, rail transmission products cutting flat, the motor reducer integration, low noise and practical.
4) In terms of security, the chute conductive device avoid original wire pull off and pull broken leakage.
5) The machine can also disconnection protection device, configured and cutting with three rows of wire drawing device according to user's requirements.
eva cut plotter
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