EPDM Board Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-19
EPDM and neoprene are elastomers for custom gasket applications. These gasket materials are supplied as rolls and sheets of solid, sponge, or foam rubber and cut into components that provide sealing and insulation. Both EPDM and neoprene support material conversion, precision die cutting, digital knife cutting, and the use of PSA adhesives. They differ in terms of material properties, however.

EPDM gaskets provide strong environmental resistance but aren’t compatible with petroleum products or concentrated acids. EPDM rubber isn’t inherently flame-retardant either. Neoprene gaskets resist flame, water, sunlight, and ozone. They withstand petroleum-based products and provide chemical resistance but are more expensive than general-purpose synthetic rubbers.

EPDM Board

AOL manufactures EPDM board Cutting equipment for construction, architectural, HVAC, power & utility applications. Our custom Cutting equipments are manufactured to meet the specific size and shape requirements for each job.  

Our staff will determine the most effective and efficient manufacturing method for each application to ensure the part meets all of your requirements.  With its full production capabilities, AOL can manufacture quantities from prototype and short run through EPDM board Cutting equipment runs.