Display Stand POP Billboard Digital Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-01
The AOL display stand POP billboard digital cutter incorporates a computer controlled multi-tool head. 

Complete Cutting Tools:AOL cutting systems have a complete set of cutting tools for the materials(Paper,Vinyl,KT Board,Corrugated board,Foam,PVC,Acrylic,etc.)in Signage&Graphics industry,with through-cutting,half-cutting,V-cutting,engraving,creasing and marking,ect.
POP Display Stand
This means a smaller shop floor footprint and eliminates the need for having a separate machine for each function.  The display stand POP billboard digital cutter cuts with an accuracy of ±0.01mm, and as it’s not in direct contact with the material, it means that even though it operates at speeds up to 1100mm/second, there’s no dragging of the material so cutting is far more accurate than with a knife. Many display graphics are printed onto vinyl or polyester textiles, and as the simultaneously seals the edges of these materials, large banners can be finished without hemming or sewing, which further speeds up production time.