Digital fabric cutter reviews
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-18
Every quilter, designer, and decorator knows the importance of owning the best fabric cutting machine.
Although some may choose to use scissors, some fabrics are just too tough to be cut this way. As for rotary cutters, it’s just way too easy to get injured while using them.
This die cut machine is quite different from most of the units on our lineup in every way. You place the Slice on top of whatever material you are attempting to cut rather than feeding it through the device, like you would with printer-style die cutting machines. That makes for an easy way to decrease wasted material. Once you get the hang of the AOL, you will be adept at placing it in just the right position to allow for the most pattern cuts per page or piece of fabric possible. Many machines do this automatically, but at least the AOL allows one fit-to-page option, even if it is not the most sophisticated.
Another unique feature is that you can also use this machine similar to how you use a regular scanner. You can scan documents or photos and save them right to a USB drive.