Cutting Machine For PVC Panel
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-05
Whether you cut very large panels, squares and rectangles, curves, complex or even highly complex patterns, whichever finished products in PVC-coated textiles you manufacture, the AOL cutting machine for pvc panel, with their multiple technologies and cleverly designed tools and accessories, allow you to cut an infinite range of shapes with speed and great precision.

We have foreigner customers which are using our cutting machine for pvc panel  from over 60 countries in this world, machines are oweking in good condition.

Flatbed plotters with a static worktop, robust industrial cutting stations with multiple layer conveyor belt, or simple X-Y cutting tables to create panels… oscillating blades, drag knives, engine-driven or freely rotating round blades to cut multiple layers of flexible PVC.

AOL cutting machine for pvc panel
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