Cutting grooving cnc machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-29
A new tangential knife head is now available which significantly enhances the material processing capabilities of all AOL cutting grooving cnc machine. It can be mounted alongside a heavy duty router and the oscillating knife unit could be used on a third head if required.
Fully compatible with the ICS camera registration system which is powered by I-~Cut, the new tangential knife can be used on a wide range of materials from foam core, and card stock through to heavy corrugated cardboard and plastic sheets.
This new knife system is optimised to work with the new machine control system and offers considerably faster cutting than previous units.

A selection of easily interchangeable blade cartridges allow ultimate versatility for using creasing wheels and 45 degree blades as well as the more standard vertical blades, heavy duty saber blade, ‘pizza’ wheel cutter and more.

Type of cutter head