Corrugated box die cut machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-28
AOL-2125 Flat Bed Corrugated Box Creasing Carton Die Cutting Machine
 Machine feature:
Four insurances make the machine more safety and reliable : Dragon insurance; triangular insurance; handle insurance; photoelectric switch insurance
Four functions: single pressing & cutting; continuous creasing & cutting; delay; counting 
Machine introduction AOL-2125 Flat Bed Corrugated Box Creasing Carton Die Cutting Machine: 
1. Sliding bearing adopts the high quality casting copper alloy, wear-resisting and damped.
2. The machine is made of high quality materials and whole casting , high strength, good rigidity.
3. With single creasing & cutting, continuous creasing & cutting and open delay three functions, the delay range can adjust at will.
4. The safety protection system is reliable .
5. High fly-wheel torque .
6. Single type electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable .
7. Operating height is designed reasonable, the pressure frame can open big angle .
8. Adopting electric sucked type brake clutch, sensitive brake, high insurance coefficient , high safety performance etc.
Adopting adjustable frame on the template, convenient to disassemble and install the plate .