Compound Sponge Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-23
AOL supply many different cutting machines for cutting all types of foam & sponge products such as: Acoustic foam, Thermal insulation foam, Filtration foam, Ink jet cartridge foam, Foam, Seals & gaskets, Automotive foam products, Medical, Household cleaning sponges, Cosmetic, Powder Puffs, Surgical, Clothing, Furniture, Mattresses, Insulation, Inflatables and many more.

AOL's sales and engineering staff have decades of experience in the foam cutting industry. 
Our machines can be configured to produce the desired product and look your customer demands.

Material feed systems can handle rolls or sheet format, automatic or manual operations, cutting on belt feed systems, pad cutting or steel against steel.
compound sponge
This Compound sponge Cutting machine adopts the advanced Frequency conversion system. Automatic number controlled. It is operation is handy and cutting is exact. This machine is suitable to cut horizontal sheet for several sponge once. It control by digital system, and Frequency conversion system.

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