Color Box Digital Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2020-01-14
What material can color box digital cutter cut?
Corrugated board, grey cardboard, ivory cardboard, KT board, PVC foam board, EVA board, foam board, vinyl Sticker, reflective material, etc.

Application: This machine can be used to make samples, cut and small production in the industries such as Ads, Packaging, Display, Graphic.
Color Corrugated Box
Features of color box digital cutter:
1) Complete tool categories: Milling Knife Tool, Electric Oscillating Tools, V-Cut Tool, Drag Cutting Tool, Creasing Wheel Tool, Pneumatic Knife Tool, Driven Rotary Tool, etc., different cutting tools for cutting different materials.
2) Honeycomb aluminum table: durable and non-deformation, vacuum adsorption design, super strong air, strong suction (partition adsorption, small sample adsorption is no longer difficult to cut).

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