CNC Machine Cutting Mat
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-15
How Does It Work?
Cnc machine cutting mat sofeware will accept appropriate M&G code commands and will generate motion commands in one millisecond time increments for the USB controller. When the job is transferred to the controller, it will start processing, machine will go through necessary motions, and the job will be completed.
Cnc machine cutting mat sofeware will support Control Pad functions, positive display of USB connections between the controller and PC, home switches conditions if present, Z feed speeds and XY jog speed for the Control Pad functions, machine screw pitch and step motor driver microstepping in order to establish proper resolutions, origin setup, motor parameters, and most importantly the capability to open, read, and interpret G code files.

The numeric keypad of the PC keyboard is used as a Control Pad for the machine to jog, position, go home, repeat a job, decrease or increase feedrate while the job is in process, set the safe height for the tool, pause, continue the job, check spindle motor, I/O controls, and other functions.

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