CNC Leather, Cover Car Mat Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-19
In reality, any small business with plans to scale can automate to some degree, be it switching to employee self-service HR software, training staff through e-learning portals, or ‘smart’ ordering of supplies.

The leather industry is experiencing a technology change with specialized cnc leather, cover car mat cutting machine breaking the low-speed, hard typesetting of traditional manual and electric shears, fully solving the problems of low efficiency and waste of material. By contrast, the laser cutting machine is high-speed and easy to operate, as it only involves entering the graphics and size to the computer. The machine will cut the entire material into the finished product without tools and molds. The use of cnc leather, cover car mat cutting machine to achieve non-contact processing is simple and fast.

Founded in 2010, JINan AOL CNC manufactures and supplies laser machines for marking, cutting, and engraving for customers worldwide. The company has always focused on the laser marking, cutting, and engraving machine markets.

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