CNC cut fabric knife
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-16
If required you can use your CNC machine as a plotter or cutting machine. In the various applications of a CNC machine, the choice of the tool depends on the material to be processed. To cut thin foils up to a thickness of about 0.5 mm, the use of a drag knife is perfectly adequate. CNC cutters are used to illustrate logos or lettering and cut then out of foil.
High frequency oscillating knife with option to control the angle of sharpening. Electronic control and dynamic movements for quick and efficient cutting with very high operation reliability.

Through the cooperation of automatic feeding system, vacuum adsorption system,felt feeding platform, and sharp cutting head system, AOL-1625 achieves efficient, accurate and automated cutting of automotive interior materials such as sponge composite skin, XPE materials, wire ring pads, and leather.