Car Seat Cover Knife Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-03
Floor mats are one of the most common yet the most supreme car accessories. It serves too many functions to be ignored at first.  Car mats do play an important role in magnifying the interior look of your car. Especially for a car owner, the color, style, and design of the mats do make a huge difference.

Do you think that your mats are getting old and worn out? Are you finding the car mats too expensive? Do the mats keep sliding and slithering while you drive because the size of the mats just doesn’t fit right? Or is it just that you do not like the mats that came with your car? Make a style statement with the car mats that are designed perfectly to fit the interiors of your car.

Through the cooperation of automatic feeding system, vacuum adsorption system, felt feeding platform, and sharp cutting head system, AOL 1625 car seat cover knife cutting equipment achieves efficient, accurate and automated cutting of automotive interior materials such as sponge composite skin, XPE materials, wire ring pads, and leather.

Intelligent blade