Automatic hot knife cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-16
Automatic hot knife cutting machine will measure and cut almost any type of synthetic material, from thin ribbon to heavy webbing, using an electronically heated, pneumatically operated hot knife. An exhaust fan is built into the machine case for exhausting the fumes created by the melting of the materials being cut.
The machine can be operated in either metric (millimeters, mm) or English units (inches), as needed. The machine can measure and cut small or large quantities of materials up to 5.0" wide (125 mm), and in lengths ranging from 0.1" (or 1 mm), to over 100 yards (99.9 m). It will produce consistently accurate lengths and high-quality sealed edges. Frequently used lengths can be stored into the machine's memory for instant recall. Eight standard memory cells are available for this purpose.The machine is portable and designed for tabletop operation, using a 220VAC single-phase power supply, and clean, dry compressed air.