Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-03
When cutting along a common design range that is distributed among two styles that are next to each other, the automatic fabric cutting machine can cut the range with a single cut.
Various types of cutting machine are used in apparel production. From many years hand operated scissor is used for cutting fabric. But after industrialization hand scissors are not appropriate for bulk layer cutting. Then started semi automatic fabric cutting machine. For increasing productivity in cutting room computerized fully automatic cutting machine have to use.
In addition to the above features, AOL is equipped with a function to cut waste into pieces, a textile marking function using a laser, and a function that limits cutting only to necessary parts. Furthermore, functions such as automatic scheduling of cutting data and conversion of cutting requirements into files, contribute to efficient operation. Stronger parts and simplified maintenance requirements also help to make the new AOL series more reliable than ever before.