AOL Successfully Held the October Kick-off Meeting
PUBLISHED : 2019-10-10
On the afternoon of October 9, our company successfully held the kick-off meeting. 

First, preparation before the meeting: 

Second, the opening: the host opening remarks, announced the start of the official start of the conference
host opening remarks
The first link: Performance recognition

Sales champion award

Excellent staffs

One honor embodies the expectation of the company's leaders to create greater glories, and each award proves the company's affirmation of our hard work.

The second linkThird: Announced the situation of each team and individual pk last month.
each team and individual pk last month
The past is history and the future is even more important. Loss is only temporary, and there will always be a return! Pk is to let everyone learn from each other and make progress together in the process of chasing me! I hope that everyone will be able to shine in the new moon!

The third link: Read the team performance target for October

Read the team performance target for October

The signing of the team's military order and personal commitment to the military order is a promise and a vow! The goal is the starting point for success, and persistence is the end of success!

At last: Lead speech

Lead speech

Mr. Zhang started the Olympic journey for us in October. We firmly believe that in October, under the leadership of General Zhang, we will achieve even greater and more brilliant achievements.