AOL successfully held apprentice ceremony
PUBLISHED : 2019-10-16
In order to speed up the growth of new employees, through the experience and experience of experienced employees, new employees can quickly improve their professional skills and contribute their own strength to the company's rapid development. The company held a special meeting on the morning of October 16.

First, the moderator announced that the teacher ceremony began.
In the second case, the witnesses took the stage to speak and witnessed the ceremony of the two newcomers.
In the third item, the master took the stage to speak and swear, the two masters expressed their attitude and swear: "In the future work and life, we will definitely give each other, and preach and preach, and use their actual actions to promote the advancement of the apprentice."
Teacher took the oath
The fourth item, the disciple took the stage to speak and swear, the two apprentices made a statement and swear: "The teacher must learn from the humbly, actively and aggressively, skillfully practice, integrate into the work life as soon as possible, and strive to dedicate his wisdom and sweat to the company as soon as possible! ”
Apprentice vows
In the fifth item, the apprentices went to the masters to worship the teacher, worship the teacher's tea, and offer the teacher's ceremony. The masters also gave gifts to the apprentices, such as rulers and notebooks, to encourage them to learn and progress at work.
Give each other gifts

In the sixth item, the witnesses took a group photo with the new pair of teachers and apprentices.

group photo