AOL Industrial Plotter Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-15
AOL’s main industrial plotter cutter is the 1625 series, which range in size from 600 x 900mm up to 3210 x 3200mm. AOL recently re-engineered the bigger models to double the beam height to 70 mm. These can now accommodate thicker materials up to 170mm such as corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, foam, sandwich material and corrugated plastic.

They can be fitted with up to 5 tool modules, including a Universal module that accepts all the tools that AOL offers. 
AOL also sells a smaller, entry-level 6090 range. They can handle a wide range of materials, including textiles, vinyls, films, thinner plastics, and cardboard. It’s possible to combine two tool modules together, from a choice of a universal holder, camera system, kiss cutting and marketing modules. The tools themselves include universal, oscillating and kiss cutting tools.

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