AOL Flatbed Cutting System
PUBLISHED : 2020-01-03
A flatbed cutting system for sample making or the production of packaging, displays, signage or textile offers a wide range of distinct benefits.
packaging box
1) High frequency electric oscillating/vibration knife: There would be much more cutting material and cutting thickness to meet different demands of customers. 
2) Integration of intelligent cutting/ indentation/drawing –meet your whole trip of creative processing: cutting labels at all shapes, cutting and indentation of carton in all shapes. 
3) Precise auto-positioning system: Equipped with HD CCD camera, it could achieve the precise auto-positioning of all materials and the automatic registering, which solves the imprecise manual positioning and the deforming printing, so as to reach the simple and precise cutting. 
4) Automatic feeding system: Automatic feeding system to make the cutting more efficient.

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