AOL Banner Ply Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-12-03
Features of AOL banner ply cutter:
1). Large format flying recognition. It takes only 5 seconds to recognize one entire working area. While feeding fabric by the movable conveyor, the cameras can quickly identify printed graphics in real-time and the cutting information will be transmitted to the cutting machine. After finished cutting one entire working area, it will repeat the same process. The whole process without human intervention.

2). Good at cutting stretch fabrics. The cutting edge is clean, soft, smooth and automatic sealing. 
banner fabric
What type of products are you manufacturing? What types of materials are you cutting? How thick is your spread? How many plys do you want to cut? What is the length and width of your fabric and markers? Our systems are easily customizable with specialized features tailored to your business. Your answers will guide us to find your perfect automation solution with the fastest return on investment. Contact us today,  we look forward to answering any questions you may have.