Advantages Of MDF Ply Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-18

We get that materials can be expensive and that picking up a piece of MDF at the lumber yard (or a piece that’s been lying around in your shop) is an inexpensive means of having a spoilboard. However, if you choose to use an MDF spoilboards you must TABLE MILL BOTH SIDES OF THE BOARD. This cannot be emphasized enough. MDF is created with a sealant, and this sealant prevents air from flowing properly through the board. If you do not route both sides of the board, air cannot pass through, and thus there will be a lack of suction on the piece you’d like to cut.


AOL MDF ply cutter systems can be configured for cutting, creasing, scoring, routing and punching to create an impressive multi tool processing machine, streamlining workflow efficiencies.

Advanced system technology provides an affordable, competitive alternative to expensive MDF materials and profect.