Advantages of Fabric Plotter Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-11-14
Known around the world for its high precision cutting, and build quality, the AOL fabric plotter cutter is the ultimate finishing solution for the signage, apparel, and automotive markets. Utilizing the strength of the Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system ,it easily cuts all Series transparent cuttable film.

For graphic design and packaging mockups, the AOL fabric plotter cutter can hold and produce creases/folds and cuts on the same run.

With its capability to hold both a cutting blade and a plotting pen simultaneously, the AOL fabric plotter cutter allows garment/shoe pattern designers to mark and cut the material without manually replacing the marking/cutting tools.
fabric material
The AOL fabric plotter cutter is the ideal cutting plotter for high-precision and medium-heavy material crafting jobs and is suitable for cutting intricate designs on vinyl, photo-masking films, foam material, cardboard, oil board, and sandblast resist rubber.

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